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Night Flight

Even if you don't have the soul or of Mermoz Saint-Exupéry, you can enjoy the unique experience of a night flight in a balloon. This flight is addresses in particular people who already fly in a balloon and offers a rare intensity of sensations, emotions on board.
Night flight allows you to see the sunrise in altitude, long before it rises on earth, while the ground is still in the darkness of the night from Dijon to Chalon sur Saone through the Cotes de Nuits and the Hospices de Beaune. The magic of light, dawn playing with shadows, the celestial vault and its stars for the ceiling, the light of the moon as presence, the enchantment colors of the dawn, the feeling of fullness that will seize you during this flight, make night flying an experience, rich in sensations that your memories will place on top of your preferences.
Night flight in balloon requires a specific qualification "night flight" that your driver owns.

Generally in the summer, where the risk of fog or mist is absent at sunrise, but always subject to good air conditions, that is calm wind, no turbulence.

The decision of a night flight is fully subject to the weather, no circuit or route is guaranteed. The flights are operated in night VFR (Visual Flight Rules, defined as the regulations of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation).

The pilot is the only judge to decide whether or not flying at night depending on weather hazards mentioned above.
A night flight in balloon requires careful preparation, and availability of date. The choice to make a night flight is deciding within 48 hours or 24 hours before the flight, a longtime programming can't be considered. After a technical briefing and safety instructions explained, you can participate in swelling at night.

The takeoff at night is about two hours before sunrise. Having reached the attitude of security required by the terrain, the flight progresses towards the dawn with light pastels changing gradually as the time of sunrise approaches. If the Petit Prince enjoyed watching the sunset when he was sad, you can double your joy in seeing twice (or more) a sunrise in the same day, due to elevation changes that may take the driver.

The landing of a night flight is always after sunrise obeying the simple rule but for obvious safety reasons:
Night flight = night takeoff + day landing.
After the flight:
The balloon moving in the wind, the pilot remains in contact with the radio recovery team will joins us landing spot, after storage of equipment, we celebrate the sun with a glass of champagne with the delivery of the traditional "aeronaut baptism certificate".

Then back to the original place of rendezvous in our vehicles.
Duration of your journey:

It takes about 4 to 5 hours including 1 to 2 hours flight. Flights practiced in the Beaune region.


As its name suggests, a night flight takes place ... at night. Also remember to bring good comfortable and warm cloths, but also walking shoes (at night during the preparation phase of the balloon, we don't see necessarily where we put the feet) and a small headband lamp or flashlight that can be very useful during the first part of the flight.

Night Flight prices

Minimum 2 passengers
(max 3)
380€ / pers.

Commander le vol de nuit en montgolfière
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