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Business Marketing

Hot Air Balloon is also an incomparable marketing tool for forward thinking companies...
No other advertising support generates as much interest in the eyes of all audiences.
The hot air balloon is these days THE most impressive means of communication.

It's an airborne picture of at least 20 meters by 10 meters which attracts the attention of all age groups. It calls out to be photographed, filmed, and you talk about it amongst friends or family. What could be more efficient for a message aiming to mark people’s minds?

Thanks to its design, colour and form, the hot air balloon lends freedom to your desires. It supplies a wide array of visual possibilities whilst at the same time preserving the environment and bringing a touch of nobility and innovation.

Associated with this magnificent aircraftthe advertising impact that your logo will have at sporting, cultural or musical gatherings, or even for local parties, is undeniable.
Let yourself be carried by the winds of your imagination and contact us so that together we can make you project happen.

An efficient Communication Tool!
Balloons constitute an unbeatable advertising tool for modern companies as no other tool equals this level of attraction and interest from the general public. They have an impact on people’s visual memory for about 20% of the public, which makes balloons some of the most impressive and most visible communication tools. It is a flying picture of about 20 meters x 10 meters ! Georgous !

Balloons represent the dream, adventure and are fascinating. Their prestige and young and dynamic image inspire serenity and trust. Balloons circulate noble values like ecology, environment, and overachievement... which can help your company re-establish a positive image and recover after an ecological accident for instance.
Products and industries associated to the balloon will benefit and are guaranteed an optimized advertising impact.
Balloons takeoff and landing massively attract the public’s attention and balloons events are the most photographed worldwide.
The marketing impact of your company logo associated to this magnificent aircraft in musical events, cultural events, sports events, or simply local festivals is undeniable. Journalists have a huge appetite for balloon images and tend to place them for free in newspapers or on screen.

In addition, balloons are ideal for business entertainment and direct marketing. Thanks to their shape and colour, balloons allow personality and originality and can carry your important clients or anybody that is important to your business.
Stand out from the competitors’ crowd! Innovate in communication and let your imagination take over. Feel free to contact us and we will study your project for free.

Advertisements on Hot Air Balloons

If you are looking for new and non-traditional forms of advertising raise your eyes to the sky and you will see an immense space for advertising. Then remember: your advertisement can be here… Beaune-Montgolfière will organize you an exceptional advertising – advertising in the sky.

Hot air balloon is a huge flying advertising area, well seen from everywhere, gladly accepted by the public and any target audience. The height of a classical air balloon is about 20 m., diameter – 20 m. and advertising area amounts to several hundred square meters. Hot air balloon is one of the few means of transport that can fly over cities or people gathering places.

Beaune-Montgolfière will offer you a balloon, design of which would correspond to the style of your company, logo, characteristic colors and motives. You just need to decide.
Classical form air balloon would be made in 3 – 4 months and would cost about 35 – 60 thousand EUR plus VAT. Exploitation price under request.

Upon request we can offer advertising on ready-made air balloon. The advertisement would be made in 2 - 4 weeks Hot Air Balloon is a unique form of advertising as at a time several advertising goals may be achieved:
• Recognition of name;
• Linking of name and the product;
• Recognition of product form and colours;
• Exceptional attention of public and media.

Hot Air Balloon hot air balloon would completely reflect your trademark or company symbol. Moreover, you could fly a figure air balloon just like any other air balloon. A balloon will guarantee the exceptional attention of media (public). Such balloon will be seen and recognized in the sky as well as press and company advertising material.

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